General Assembly 2012 - results & projects 30 janvier 2012 0

On January 28, 2012, the GA of Eurotalent took place in Paris - near Arc de Triomphe - in an atmosphere of intense and cooperative discussion. The GA adopted a strategy to provide its high quality services primarily in favour of its paying member-associations (eg. by creating an internal section for them on the website), and at the same time to keep abreast and inform the  correspondants of Eurotalent - thus pursuing its statutory objectives.

Projects for 2012 ff.: Project 1: « To let define & describe a number of terms  of importance by G&T children from adherent countries of Eurotalent; Project 2: » Begin to establish a ‘Eurotalent library’ with pieces of research done by member-associationjs on G&T questions »; Project 3: » Cooperation & exchange among members referring to the issue of « G&T children and depression ‘, perhaps even initiating a research in this subject conducted by  Eurotalent members. « 

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