EU Initiative of « MEET » deserves Your Full Support! 17 février 2013 0

2013 sees the launch of the EU-wide campaign to gather a million signatures for a High Quality European Education for All.

MEET, the Movement towards a European Education Trust, submitted a European Citizens Initiative using new powers under the EU’s Lisbon Treaty which give citizens the right to demand new laws directly from the European Commission – provided they can gather enough signatures.

The MEET proposal is the eighth officially registered European Citizens’ Initiative. It calls for the creation of an Education platform to stimulate debate on how to improve schools and boost the European dimension of education in line with the EU’s 2020 strategy. “Europe’s future depends on Education, how to educate citizens, how they learn. Common education goals reflecting European basic values should be at the heart of a solution to today’s challenges,” says Ana Gorey, President of MEET.

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